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Imli Diaries

Tamarind Chutney

Imli Diaries - October 2020

Hello hello!

This letter comes later than usual, but we think the delay is worth it. This last month has been about creation and craft - and we can’t wait to tell you about it

Launching Festive Collection: Mehfil Mood

First things first, it’s here it’s here it’s here - our new collection is here! Available on our website, and a preview here for you:

Now the story behind it. We knew we wanted to launch for the festive season and were pumped to partner with our artisans to turn our designs into products. A few sourcing visits and many hours of work later, it’s ready! The only remaining question then, was what to name the collection. Given that our first collection was just called ‘Pilot,’ the obvious companion name was ‘Co-Pilot’ right? Before you roll your eyes, we’re happy to report that better sense prevailed. Our festive collection is called Mehfil — celebrating the season of coming together, reflecting and creating beautiful memories with loved ones.

Products, Styles, Artisans: TC for everyone

We took your feedback and expanded our product range :) We now have sari blouses, jackets and accessories in addition to tops and skirts. We are also experimenting with menswear - starting with ties and bowties. We’ve experimented with length, sleeves, necks so that there’s something for all body types. Inclusivity is important to us - we stock sizes XS to XL but are happy to customize for smaller or larger sizes.

We’re also excited to expand our network of artisans! We onboarded Firoja, our first woman artisan (yay!), who is based in Assam. We are also exploring partnering with artisans from West Bengal and Assam. More on that next month :)

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