No secrets,
no greenwashing. Only the Truth.

We’re here to do business ethically, and push the fashion industry towards fairer business practices. And we do that by being honest about everything with you, so that you have the information you need to know your purchase is truly a good one.

Price Transparency

Did you know: if you buy a garment for Rs. 1000, the maker is likely to earn less than Rs. 100! Most people don’t know that. If they did, they might hold brands more accountable and the sector might move to fairer business practices - where makers aren’t exploited.

We share the price breakdown of every single product we make on our website so that you know exactly where your money is going. We hope this helps you make an informed shopping decision.

Who Made My Clothes?

Every Tamarind Chutney product is a labour of love, made by real people (and their very real effort). To honour their work, we list the name of every artisan and tailor who made your garment on each tag. You can find their stories here .