Who We Are,
Why We Are

Tamarind Chutney was started by Tanvi and Charanya out of a desire to support artisan livelihoods, preserve India’s craft heritage and sell amazing products - all while following ethical business principles


Started by two school friends aiming to change the way we see fashion

A NEW BRAND, Several years in the making

While we started TC in 2019, the brand has been many years in the making. We are old friends from school and while life took us on different paths, our friendship remained strong. Between the sentimental reunions and fun girls’ trips, we often talked about working on crafts together because it united our interests. Finally in the summer of 2019, the time was right and so it happened! Tanvi was in business school and exploring social entrepreneurship in the livelihoods space, and Charanya was looking to shift from her job. We started working with a few artisans and piloted a collection - the rest was history. We love working together, and are so excited to build an ethical and inclusive organization. Cheers, Tanvi-Charanya P.S. While the brand’s initials match the initials of our own first names, we promise that was a happy coincidence :)